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[Journal Entry]

Dear Marni,

I've been so busy settling into this new world, finding a niche in it and calling it my own, that I have been sorely neglecting this diary.

I'm growing closer to being able to earn my keep here: I've found a lady who's more than willing to work with me as my accompanist, a Southern belle with an oddly gothic air about her. I can't help finding her oddly attractive, but I have decided not to pursue any relationships till I am better settled. And she's somewhat of a fan of mine already, and thus I can't help feeling that to become intimate with her in that respect would be to cross a boundary that an artist should generally avoid. I would not want to disappoint her when she finds I am but another human being like the rest.

I've also been reading a somewhat voluminous fantasy of manners, set in a decrepit castle in an imaginary kingdom, with a mad ruler and a cluster of eccentric servants, an earth-mother dowager and a tragic princess, an unwilling boy-king and an ambitious kitchen-boy. The scope of it would make a grand opera in every sense of the word grand, but at the core of it, at the heart of hearts, it is a tale of freedom withheld and fought hard for. That is something very much on my mind, and I wonder if I might have hit upon a well of inspiration to draw from. The tragic princess might not be the lead character, but I do not mind having less of a spotlight on me, and I would be delighted to play poor, silly Lady Fuschia. I have been Fuschia for so many years: blind to the fact that the man she loved was not the man she thought he was, blind to her own silliness.

By now, I must be sounding a little maudlin: it's partly the late hour and partly the tears I've shed for a silly girl in an attic of a castle not found on any maps. I'll have more dreams to share with you soon.

Good night, my lady,