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Dear Marni,

I had thought my last concert would be the end of me, but it seems life or fate or the universe has been kind to me and given me a new chance to keep chasing my dream. I have died, Largo took my life because I wanted to live it on my terms, but somehow I am alive again and I've found a new home in a new world. They call it the Mansion and it is a place of wonders and possibly magic, if such a thing is possible. Shilo is here, as well as Largo's daughter, and I stumbled onto a petty thief known as Graverobber, who's been protecting your Shilo. It's strange how a generally mercenary man can surprise people, including himself (though he likely denies it) can do something good even though there's nothing to gain by it, except perhaps the trust and friendship of an innocent person. I may have a role to fill, as I hear there is a man planning to stage a drama and while acting isn't my main talent, I would be delighted to perform if there is a small role I could fill.

I've settled in and I have found several scores that I wanted to study. There's a book of Schubert lieder that I have been studying diligently, and I've started learning Tosca in earnest. I just have to find some more singers and musicians who would be interested in putting on a performance. I have yet to find my Cavaradossi, though I met an unusual man who might be our Scarpia, if he can sing the role: however, something about him makes me think he enjoy the role a little too well.

I'll keep this brief, as I'm back to training in earnest and while I can't let myself tire, this new freedom has me feeling energetic and I have to keep busy to work it off.

Always thinking of you my angel,

Dear Marni,

This may be the last letter I write to your spirit. I have made my decision and am at peace with it. I have seen your daughter, your Shilo face to face. She is a beautiful as you were, my angel, a dark young seraph in this world of blood and shadows. I know Nathan meant well in trying to protect her from the world, but it is time for her to spread her wings, emerging from her chrysalis like the butterfly that she is. I hope I was able to nudge her into emerging, to show her the spring she can help to create.

It will be spring where I find you, and that will be soon. Tonight I sing my last songs on this earth, but tomorrow, I will be singing with you in heaven.

Repo Man, O reaper-man of this darkened age, come take my hand....

All my love,